Taylor Sailor Ship Ship (Japanese Name:Teira Sera Sen-Sen) is a mini Kawaii Crush that is part of the "Bubbly Beach" Mini
Taylor Sailor

She is a ship themed girl whose theme colors are purple and white.


Taylor loves to set sail on her ship across the seven seas to new and exciting places. She likes to put secret messages in bottles as she tosses them across the oceans far and wide.


Taylor is a fair skinned girl with light purple eyes and very curly, neon pink hair with straight cut bangs above her eyes. She wears a white sailors cap with a boat on it.

Her outfit consists of a white, girl themed sailor suit with purple leggings and accessories. Her shoes are also purple.


Taylor has a pet octopus that is light purple with eight tentacles and wears a sailor hat on the left top of its head.


  • Taylor Sailor Ship Ship mini - Comes with a purple octopus pet, a white and purple innertube, a purple headband with ship on it, and purple glasses with a ship on the side.


"I <3 sailing so much that my heart is anchored for life on the seven seas!"

"I love having the wind flowing through my sails, and in my hair, for every nautical adventure!"

"Also, I like to fun keeping my boat in ship shape, too."

"How can I KNOT love the ocean?!"


  • In her original beta design, Taylor had a red and white theme. Her hair was fuller, and she wore a giant captains hat instead of a miniature one styled after a ship.


  • Sailing