"Sunny with a Chance of Rain" is webisode 8 of Kawaii Crush.


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It's a clear, beautiful, sunny day in Kawaii Crush World and Sunny Bunny Hop Hop wants to jump outside and explore the beautiful sunshine filled with happiness! But will her happy day really last?



Sunny sees how nice the weather looks and because of this, she considers going outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. She stops at her door to consider bringing an umbrella, but decides against it and heads right outside...

only to be pelted by a whole lot of rain!

She tries to move away from it, but realizes that it isn't going to work anytime soon. Which severly causes her mood to make an emotional 180. She decides to visit Mandy at her store when she didn't notice how scared she was of that little cloud raining on top of Sunny. It seems that no matter what she does, her mood doesn't improve at all. That is, until she realizes the little rain cloud isn't following her anymore. So she takes advantage of this to do some hop scotching.

But the rain ruins it and she tries to run away from it by going into the park. After she loses it, it angrily storms off and she begins to skip, finding a ladybug girl nearby. She takes one of the carrots she gets from underground and is about to eat it, only to be interupted AGAIN by the cloud of rain...

However, this time she is prepared and she opens the carrot to reveal it's an umbrella. With this to protect her from the rain, Sunny proceeds to skip away.


  • A lady bug girl appears in this webisode but her identity is unknown as of yet.
  • This is the only webisode to have one character shown in the featuring window. 
  • Starting with this webisode (not counting the remix of the last one), the characters have voices.


  • Sunny Bunny: Sunshine/sunny weather (Sanshain/Ni~tsu no yoku teru tenki)