'Shoe Shop Showdown' is webisode 5 of Kawaii Crush.


Preceded by All Blown Up

Followed by Cotton Candy Crush


Hannah Banana Nom Nom and Betty Teddy Zoom Zoom race against one-another to try to find the perfect pair of shoes!



A bored banana peel is just waiting for the perfect person to come along, and luckily it happens to spot Hannah skipping along. It lays down just in time for her to step on it, sending her flying onto the ground. However Hannah can't find herself being angry with it. So with a laugh she simply plucks the banana peel from her hat and puts it onto the ground before spotting a very cute pair of shoes inside the nearby clothing shop.

But just as she heads inside, she happens to see Betty, who has also spotted the same cute shoes. Both girls run for the entrance but in her rush, Hannah accidentally runs into the window...

Just before Betty can grab the shoes, Hannah leaps inside and quickly stops her. Both girls realize that a battle is about to commence... A battle for the pefect shoes!

Just as they both go to grab it, someone else suddenly grabs them first, Holly Molly Shop Shop. Hannah then looks to see that Betty has gone to try to tempt Holly into giving her the shoes. But before she can hand them over, Hannah swipes them and switches the shoes with the banana peel from earlier. Much to Betty's surprise, which makes Hannah the winner!

Hannah is very happy, but when she sees how sad Betty looks, she starts to feel guilty. But then she gets an idea and gives Betty one of the shoes so that they can both have one, which makes them very happy. Betty and Hannah skip out of the shop together, but as they go to leave they trip over the banana peel, which makes everyone laugh as the webisode ends!


  • Items in the clothing store: Owleena's hat, Zoey Boey's brush, Tammy's boots, Tammy's brush, Zoey Boey's boots, Owleena's shoes, Holly Molly's hat, Betty's own hat, Katie Cat's hat, Chilly Milly Yip Yip's hat, Sunny Bunny's cap, Sunny's shoes.


  • Hannah Bannana Nom Nom: Shoes (Kutsu)
  • Betty Teddy Zoom Zoom: Shoes