Netty Betty Creamy Crunch (Japanese Name:Mojo Beti Kurimi Kuranchi) is a mini Kawaii Crush that comes with her best friend, Shelly Jelly Jam in a twin

Her theme object is a peanut and her theme color is orange-brown, pale pink, pale yellow, and bright blue.


(no personality info has been provided just yet!)


Netty Betty is a light brown skinned girl with very bright blue eyes and long flowing, soft and right-sided orange hair with bangs curving to the right on her forehead. Her lips are fuschia pink. On her head, Netty can be found wearing a pale pink headband with white and brown jars on the ears, a pale pink wrap with a peanut clasp, or a big peanut shaped eyemask.

Her facial mask is brown.

Netty can normally be found wearing a pale pink tank top with long pale yellow sleeves, a bright blue skirt, and blue and brown clogs slippers.

Her alternate outfit is an orange-brown dress with lines going down it, to make it resemble a peanut. The shoes are brown slippers with toast at the toe and very pale yellow socks.


  • Netty Betty Creamy Crunch and Shelly Jelly Jam BFF Pack. Includes many slumber party, bed time accessories.