Mandy Candy Dot Dot (Japanese Name: Mandi Kyandi Dotto Dotto) is a mini Kawaii Crush that comes with "Mandy's Candy Shop".

She is a candy themed girl who has colours of pink and white.


Mandy is a fair skinned girl with ivy green eyes and red lips. She has very long flowing, pale orange hair that is very, VERY curly and wildly strewn about, along with curled bangs framing to the side of her face. On her head is a fuschia hat with a pink and white peppermint bow on the right.

She has a very sweet outfit that consists of a pale pink tank top along with a white skirt with colorful spots on it, and a flowing pink bow on the right side of her waist. Her shoes are sky blue and fuchsia with peppermints on each toe.


Mandy is very sweet, bubbly and kind and she loves helping her friends out by selling candy form her cotton candy machine. First she picks a food item or bowl of food and puts it into one of the tubes. Then a big ball of cotton candy pops out and then she serves it on a cone. It's no wonder how everybody comes to visit her Candy Shop when her friends say it's a sweet life once she's always a sweetheart!


  • Mandy's Candy Shop - Comes with 13 irresistibly sweet and cute pieces! Including Mandy, the shop, multiple pieces of candy, her cash register, and a bag with candy scoop.


"I <3 candy! My shop is confection perfection."

"I dance around my desserts and shake my bonbon."

"My friends say I’m a sweetheart but it’s only because I live a sweet life!"


  • Originally during the beta stages of Kawaii Crush Mandy's hair was somewhat pulled back and her hat lacked straps on it. She also had white where the pink is on her shoes, and vice-versa.
  • She likes eating cotton candy, and has been said to adore Peppermints.