Luna Lite Night Night (Japanese Name: Runa Raito Natio Naito) is a mini Kawaii Crush that comes with her best friend, Morning Glory Go Go in a twin
Good night

She is a night time themed girl and her colours are purple and yellow.


Luna loves looking at the stars whenever she makes a wish and says hello to the moon every night before she goes to bed. Her best friend is Morning Glory Go Go and she likes to stay at her house for a sleepover along with Owlena Hoot Hoot and Katie Cat Meow Meow, just like in the webisode BFF at First Sight.


Luna is a pale skinned girl with light emerald green eyes and pink lips. She has very light purple hair worn in low ponytails with her bangs consist of one strand of hair on each side that curls outward and brushed to frame her face. She wears a purple night cap with a big smiling cloud on top with a star attached to the right, matching the star print of her cap and the dangly star at the end of the tail.

Luna's outfit is very simple and consists of a purple night dress with very pale lilac shorts underneath and white, cloudy shaped slippers with smiling stars on each toe.

Included in the doll set is a yellow facial mask, a cloud and star themed eye mask, and a dark purple antennae headband. One has a star on it and the other has a winking crescent moon. She wears two dresses that did not appear in her webisode. One is a pale pink dress with a crescent moon and clouds beneath it, with neon pink slippers with small clouds underneath of a smiling star on each toe. She also has her normal outfit but without the star print and alternate toe pieces.


Luna's buddy is a little star. As she dreams of going on moonlight adventures, it begins to glow bright from a swirl of stardust as a magical friendship starts to bond. It likes to be with her by her side at all times to keep her in company.


  • Morning Glory Go Go and Luna Lite Night Night BFF Pack. Includes many slumber party, bed time accessories like sleeping bags, alternate outfits, eye masks, a laptop, and much more!