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The Kawaii Crush Girls


Welcome to the super cute wikia for the brand new hyper happy toy series: Kawaii Crush!

On this wiki you can learn all about the Kawaii Crush series. Including characters, merchandise, webisodes, and so on.

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What is Kawaii Crush?Edit

Katie Cat Meow Meow narrated a short video to find out what 'Kawaii' and 'Crush' mean.

What is Kawaii?Edit


What is Kawaii Crush?

Kawaii means 'Cute'. It comes from Japan. There are lots of super, happy smiles and they can found everywhere on clothes and accessories, cartoon and videogame characters, stickers, music, food, toys and many more.

What is Crush?Edit

A crush means about someone that you know and love. Every girl in Kawaii Crush world has a crush. It's the one thing that they love most. Can you guess what Owlena Hoot Hoot's crush is? That's right! It's owls. She and her pet owl love singing and dancing all night long and they also love camping outside under the stars to listen to nocturnal animals. It no wonder Owlena loves owls so much that they're such a hoot when she's having the night of life!

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