High Tweed Chase is webisode 2 of Kawaii Crush.

High Tweed Chase Card
Proceded by Stop the Panda-monium!

Followed by BFF at First Sight


Tammy's attempt to warm up a poorly lamp post turns into a chase all around town after Katie's pet cat plays too roughly with her wool!



One particularly chilly day finds Tammy in the park. She sits down on a bench and happens to notice that the nearby lamp post isn't feeling very well, so she decides to knit it something to keep it warm. At first this seems to be a very easy task until Katie shows up with her pet cat, who happens to love balls of wool.

Katie happens to see her mischevious feline sneaking up on the ball of wool but before she can stop it, it hops on top of it and goes rolling through the park!

As Tammy tries to keep her knitted object in one piece, Katie gives chase and runs by many of their friends until she is finally able to grab ahold of her cat. But just as this occures, Tammy yanks on the wool, causing the two of them to snag and be yanked the entire way back, bringing Sunny and Hannah with them!

Luckily nobody is seriously hurt and they managed to cover the poor lamp post in plenty of wool!


  • This is the first time a pets crush is revealed.
  • Cat was the only pet in this webisode.


  • Tammy Lammy Lu Lu: Knitting (Amimono)
  • Katie Cat Meow Meow's Cat: Yarn Balls (Ito-dama)