Debi Dolphin Go Go (Japanese Name: Debi Dorufin Go Go) is a mini Kawaii Crush that is part of the "Bubbly Beach" Mini
Debi Dolphin

She is a dolphin themed girl whose theme colors are blue, with hints of orange and pink.


Debi loves swimming all summer long. Her favourite activities are aquatic events such as 100m Freestyle and Synchronized Swimming. She adores spending her time diving deep down underwater while looking for hidden treasures to keep as souvenirs.


From what can be seen, Debi is a fair skinned girl with green eyes and very long flowing, ocean purple hair that is very curly and just barely tameable, sticking up and down in multiple directions. She has a few spiked bangs, mostly hidden underneath her trademark dolphin themed cap that she wears on her head.

Debi wears an orange dress with tan leggings and light colored shoes.


Debi's pet is a little blue dolphin. It likes to swim around and perform amazing tricks underwater, but it loves to eat fish, such as mackerel, herring, cod and squid.


  • Debi Dolphin Go Go - Comes with a pink, dolphin themed hat, a blue purse, a blue dolphin pet, and an orange treasure chest.


"I dare anyone to <3 dolphins more than I do because they're FINTASTIC!"

"I have a big appetite for ocean adventures too, like snorkeling and diving for treasures!"

"Anyone up for a marine adventure?"


  • Debi Dolphin is one of the few animal themed Kawaii Crush girls not involved in the Cuddly Animal line.


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