'Cotton Candy Crush' is webisode 6 of Kawaii Crush.


Preceded by Shoe Shop Showdown

Followed by The Great Outdoors


At first Mandy Candy's cotton candy maker seems to be a brilliant idea, but some things are too good to last...



One day while at the shopping center, Amanda Panda Pop and Katie Cat Meow Meow are out observing the kawaii items surrounding them. They happen to notice something behind them and see Mandy Candy Dot Dot with a brand new cotton candy machine. So they decided to stop by with their kawaii pets to get some.

However, the girls don't think their pets should have any since it may give them a tummy ache, but they quickly change their mind when they see their adorable sad faces!

So she demonstrates how her brand new cotton candy machine works. You pick a food item or bowl of food and put it into one of the tubes. Then a big ball of cotton candy pops out. She gives Amanda's panda bear some bamboo flavored cotton candy and some tuna flavored cotton candy for Katie's cat. Then she dumps a bowl of fruit into the machine to make some for Katie and Amanda.

But she accidentally drops her bowl into the machine, causing a very strand cotton candy to pop out!

Her machine continues to suck in all sorts of items and objects into it and produces a LOT of cotton candy all over the place. However, all of these strange flavors actually taste pretty good...

Mandy is concerned for the fact that soon they may get everything covered with cotton candy. But eventually it comes to an end after a part in it blows up and the candy rain comes to an end!

At first everyone is shocked but they find it too funny and laugh off the incrediably yummy accident as the webisode ends!


  • Amanda and Katie's recolor mini dolls are revealed to be color altered variants of them in this episode.


  • Mandy Candy Dot Dot: Candy (Kyandi)
  • Amanda Panda Pop's Panda: Bamboo (Take)