This page will act as a catalog for all of the characters that appear in Kawaii Crush. It will be organized by the type of merchandising the character appears in or how their role is presented in the series. Each girl shares her one true love by expressing it through her fashions, lifestyle, and accessories. They will/should not be listed in multiple categories.

For information on your most favourite, or maybe one you've never seen before, click a link to be taken to her page!

Main Characters (Cast)Edit

Mini in stature, these four girls are present to be the main cast of the series (implied on the website).

Main Characters

Large DollsEdit

These girls are large and in charge. With brush-able, rooted hair and a warm heart, which one will find her way into your home?


Kawaii on the go! This girl may be tiny but she's got a lot of character.

BFF PacksEdit

Sometimes opposites can be the best of friends when they're in two for the price of one. These BFF packs are sure to please!

Big SetsEdit

Kawaii girls that may be in exclusive merchandise that doesn't fit other categories.