Betty Sad
Betty Teddy Zoom Zoom (Japanese Name: Shushin Tedi Zumu Zumu) is an exclusive Kawaii Crush that comes with the Custom Car toy.

She is a teddy bear themed girl whose theme colours are blue, purple and pink, but she is not said to be part of the Cuddly Pet Collection.


Betty is a very helpful girl who always tries to lend a helping hand whenever someone needs it.

She adores her car above all else and may have had a hand in need of building it. If that is true, one can assume that she's good with design or mechanics. She also adores giving her friends or those who just need one, and that is a great big bear hug!


Betty is a fair skinned girl with bright sky blue eyes and bright pink lips. Usually she wears fuchsia pink glasses. Her ice blue hair is slightly darker with pink teddy bear themed hairbands securing her low ponytails. Her bangs are short and spiked. On the top of her head is a lilac and dark purple themed teddy bear hat with a small and round pale pink nose and pale blue ears.

Betty wears a bright yellow jumpsuit top that completely covers her hands, along with a pink miniskirt with pawprints on it. She also has on blue and white stripped stockings and wears lilac boots with yellow teddy bears on each toe.

The glasses that come with the toy are ice blue, but in the show they are dark pink.


  • Betty Teddy Zoom Zoom exclusive mini doll with her Custom Car. Comes with sticker sheet, a drink, shopping bag, a pair of glasses, and a few cute accessories.


"I absolutely <3 teddy bears so much that my friends say bear hugs are the best!"

"My cuddly convertible makes a hot summer day more bearable and I love making the engine roar as my friends and I race off into the sunset. It's a wild ride!"

"It's no wonder I <3 everything that's beariffic!"


  • Betty's original name was "Betty Teddy Go Go" (Shushin Tedi Go Go).