BFF at First Sight is webisode 3 of Kawaii Crush.

BFF Card

Preceded by High Tweed Chase

Followed by All Blown Up


Follow these two polar opposite girls as they happen to find out they may have been destined to be the best of friends!



One bright and early morning, Morning Glory Go Go is waking up to greet the brand new day!

However, she is rather saddened by something. Meanwhile, it is night time elsewhere and Luna Lite's favorite time of the day. But she too finds herself sad too. Both girls really want to have a best friend but they have no idea where to find one... 

Later on, Morning and Luna are outside enjoying the lovely day when they happen to spot some balloons being sold by Sunny. They both come by her stand and walk away once they get the one's they like the most. But when Luna and Morning notice they have each others, they go to return it. Only to collide into each other...

Suddenly, Luna and Morning happen to see each other and laugh their little collision off while getting up. And from that very moment on, they have become best friends forever. Even having a slumber party at Luna's house with Katie and Owlena and everyone goes to sleep...

that is, except for Owlena, who decides to stay awake for a while longer!


  • The title is a play on the saying "love at first sight".
  • Luna's last name "Night Night" is misspelled "Nite Nite".
  • "BFF" stands for "Best Friends Forever".


  • Morning Glory Go Go: Sun and Rainbows (taiyo to niji)
  • Luna Light Night Night: Moon and Stars (tsuki ya hoshi) 
  • Morning Glory Go Go and Luna Light Night Night: Rainbow Stars (niji no hoshi)