All Blown Up is webisode 4 of Kawaii Crush.


Preceded by BFF at First Sight

Followed by Shoe Shop Showdown


Everything's coming up bows for Zoey Boey! After she spots a very big bow on the top of a tall building she gets an idea to make herself bigger in order to have it for herself!



Zoey is trying out some glasses at Jamie Framie Pop's Sunglass Shop when she spots a nearby balloon stand run by Katie Cat Meow Meow. She pays it no mind until spotting a bow balloon and runs over to get it. Katie hands her the bow balloon and while happy, she turns to spot a very big pink bow on a very big building.

Smitten by the bow, she decides she just has to have it and gets an idea. She asks to use the air pump that Katie was using and she blows it into her mouth, effectively turning her into a giant!

Quite happy by her new found height, Zoey begins to explore the town from this brand new angle and pets a tree before approaching the giant bow on the apartment building. She begins to tug, but she can't get it loose.

Meanwhile, Hannah Banana is watching from the ground as she cuts the banner, signaling that this building is now open for people to live in. This inspires Zoey and she lifts her to the top of the building and asks her to cut the bow off with her scissors. This is actually very easy and a painless procedure. But after holding it, Zoey sneezes!

This shrinks her back down to her normal size and she's still holding onto the bow. But because it's so huge, Hannah pokes it, causing it to shrink down so that it will fit her. She then poses while asking Hannah for her opinion. Hannah agrees that it looks nice and the webisode ends!


  • This is Jamie Framie Pop's first appearance in a webisode.


  • Zoey Boey Fru Fru: Bows (Yumi)